hello, september.

hello crisp, cool days, 
crackling camp fires,
piles of leaves,
woolly sweaters, 
biology, english, and math,
hot soup and fresh bread steaming.

hello, september. 

An excursion to the beautiful hilly part of our country started off my Thursday, and shopping ended it.   This Thursday made me realize how wonderful summer is -- and how much I'll miss it when school comes 

What are you looking forward to this September?

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  1. oh WOW.

    that is gorgeous. it's making me crave that sort of hilly beauty.

  2. Did I ever mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and I'm thanking God that I found it? No...well....uuhhh I am. BEAUTIFUL post, and I just adore your design. It's so cute!! Just love it all, darling. Love it all :))
    -Jocee <3
    {pee ess: The "Up" soundtrack was playing when I checked out your post. LOVE that movie!! So sad, though. Made me cry. Anywho, yeah, just wanted to let you know :P :)}
    {pee pee ess: I hope you like long rambling going-absolutely-no-where comments :P}

  3. Anonymous2.9.11

    such beautiful words:)
    And pictures.
    The one that is completely blurry is pretty! The bokeh just does it.
    I got on here, and I usually have my sound off. Well I just finished watching Abigail Kraft's vlog and I had it up. And the UP music was on:) I love that movie. Most of my siblings were in the room and they paused and listened:)

  4. Wow, these are beautiful! I like your headphones :)

  5. Very sweet post. I love the first photo. Pearl earrings are some of my favorites (I am actually wearing some right now, too!).

  6. beautiful photos..... the first photo is quite lovely! and I adore your blog playlist.....

  7. Wow! Pretty photos! In Australia, we are just in the beginning of spring. weird.

  8. Gorgeous photos! :)

  9. Anonymous10.9.11

    Stunning photos!
    I forgot how much I love this blog. Your style is so perfect, Acacia!


  10. such cool pictures!: )
    I used to have an ipod nano! ;
    i sold it to my little sister. haha