slips clear

    I slide a pencil across my lips.  A tear swells in my eye and I choke it back.  Life's memories swirl in my heart.   Remember that?  I say.  The tear grows.  Oh, that.  That was the best moment I've ever experienced.  The tear slides down my cheek, salty and warm.  
Walking along the sandy, breezy sea side, toes impressing into the warm sand.
Getting out of the pool, chlorine-smelling, making wet footprints on the cool pavement. 
I am at the farm, the country house.  I sit by the old stream.  Water ripples past, sheets of warm air surround me.  I dance with dress-up clothes on, spinning round and round, unaware of my surroundings.  Memories keep whirling and flowing through my mind - soft and warm, like a lullaby on a summer's night.

And then it shudders, the door slams. I reel and step back.  Mundane life fills the crevices.
The next day? - nostalgia creeps back: I long to run across a open field filled with wildflowers, the sun splashing my golden, wind-whipped hair, I long to be free, run, run and rejoice.  I long to be back at the farm house, cooking little things; hair done up by little eight-year-old hands, apron tied tighlty, flour spread everywhere, just loving life.
   But I let it slip clear.  I free my mind.  I let the memories flow, but don't re-create them; I make more memories. Besides, I'm making them now. 

what are your fondest memories?


  1. oh yes. this was just perfect. you always make me smile, acacia. this literally brought tears to my eyes, too. you are just amazing :))
    -jocee <3

  2. beautiful photos and writing!


  3. these are GORGEOUS. (: soo amazing!!

  4. loved your writing. so poetic and real. and the pictures were all breathtaking =)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  5. Beautiful. Gorgeous in fact. Your last paragraph is so true, and what people should do instead of living in the past. Memories are wonderful, but making new ones adds to the collection!

    One of my favorite memories is an impromptu sing that my cousin, Uncle and I did until 2 or 3 in the morning. We sang our way through the hymn book, and despite the fact that we were all exhausted, I at least, had a fabulous time.

  6. This was beautiful, Acacia. I have been in the same mood lately-- reminiscing about old times and being brought to tears at some of them . . . but adding new ones is always great.

    Also, I wanted to tell you that your photography is very lovely. I honestly had no idea that you didn't own a DSLR because you're just so creative with your photos. I was shocked when I found out. :)
    Thank you so much for your comment on Ordinary Utopia! That meant a lot to me-- I really admire you and your blog-- the beautiful simplicity of it all.

    Lindsey Lou

    p.s. I have a confession: I love your playlist so much that I listen to it everyday during math. :)

  7. Wow! I really like your pictures. They bring out so much emotion.. thanks for sharing!

  8. That first paragraph is so beautiful. I could see it. Feel it. I've been having those feelings lately too. Daydreams haunt me quite often. Though, it's so true. I need to bring myself back into the present more often.

  9. Beautiful Acacia. The photo with the coffee+art is my favorite. I feel the same once in a while, and it's a haunting mix pain and comfort. So stunning. <3

    ps.- your playlist is playing clair de lune. oh, the irony. (:

  10. this was quite lovely. well, you want to know one of my fondest memories?

    my whole family had been vacationing and my sister Cassie had left something out on the beach while we were hanging out there earlier in the day. we had to go retrieve it--it was a dark and clear and gorgeous night, and since we were just a couple minutes away, Cassie and I decided to walk down there ourselves.
    the sky was glorious. we were away from the lights, and it was just us, the stars, and the ocean. we were looking for a few constellations and we spotted three or so shooting stars. it was just a lovely evening and a lovely few minutes spent with my lovely sister whom I love so very much.

    so yes, that's one of my favorite memories ever. (:

  11. Really beautiful post!