Light + Love // M Family


The M family.  Crazy laughter, hilarious jokes, golden light, laughter, a spring evening and genuine love.

'Love and light': these words have been echoing in my head for the past few days and honestly, it's because love and light is the reason I photograph - because of the Light that is in the world and the Love which is radiated by humans.  It's fascinating, mesmerising and a tremendous blessing to capture.

On another note, my website family and portrait sessions are a beautiful and timeless gift for family and friends & I'm so so excited to announce that one-of-a-kind gift cards for photo sessions are available now! Head on over to to get in touch.

Do you have a favourite photograph from this session?

Hope the rest of your weekend is bold, bright and beautiful!

Much love xxx


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    1. Thank you! So thrilled you think so. :) x

  2. Oh my. These photos remind me SO much of The Virgin Suicides movie. Number 2, 12 and 21, particulary. Beautiful, beautiful work. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I have to say the thirdteenth! :)


  3. Honestly, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comment. Thank you doesn't mean enough... but I'll have to say it anyway - so thank YOU for taking the time to be so kind and generous with your words!! I'm so glad you loved this post. All my love, Acacia xx